About FlashCandy


Have you been searching for a product online and been unable to find it?  Or maybe, you can only find cheaply made products that don't fully solve your problem?  I've been there too.  

When I am looking for a device or circuit, many times, my only option is eBay.  

I've bought dozens of electronics and circuit boards from eBay.  But they lack brand name, reviews, reputation, warranty, and reliable specifications.  And they are manufactured and shipped overseas.

Enter FlashCandy.  FlashCandy is an ass-kicking, manufacturing-in-the-US solution.  FlashCandy produces reliable, quality, well documented circuit boards and solutions.



Who We Are

CallahanProfile Callahan Kovacs started FlashCandy in 2016.  Cal has a background in Electrical and Computer Engineering.  When he’s not working, you can find him falling off a mountain bike, rolling in a Jiu Jitsu gym, reading non-fiction, or writing about himself in the third person.  His blog can be found at www.pcbisolation.com.